InterIsland Airways S.A. is an Aviation Services Company utilizing airplanes and helicopters. It is focused on delivering to its Customers Aviation Services of the Highest Quality, in a cost effective way. Safety, Best Value for money and Customer satisfaction are our basic priorities.

We are a ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY Dealer and Service Center. We offer Helicopter Charters, tours to the islands, airplane and helicopter training and  hour building, airplane and helicopter maintenance. 

Our Head Offices are in Kifissia, Athens, Greece.

We base our helicopters at our private hangar at Avlon and operate out of a number of heliports and airports, as the need arises. Our airplanes and helicopters are leased and are operated via  AOC holders, ATOs, Flying Clubs etc in an effort to optimize end customer cost, considering the Greek Aviation reality.

We own and operate a diverse fleet of mission specific airplanes and helicopters. We provide Maintenance  through our own EASA Approved CAMO and Part 145 Maintenance Organizations, for Quality and cost Control.

Recognizing our roots, we promote Aircraft Construction and Aviation innovation in Greece and abroad, as well as Gliding, Experimental and Ultralight Aviation.

INTERISLAND AIRWAYS is the brainchild of former OLYMPIC  AIRWAYS  Captain Michael Poulikakos.

Michael, through his passion for Aviation and his entrepreneurship, became the driving force behind the new fledgling company. He wanted to make aircraft ownership and operation available, safe and affordable, despite the unfriendly Aviation environment of Greece.

Launched in 1997 by Michael and another Aviation enthusiast, Vasilios Pitoulis, InterIsland Airways acquired their first airplane, a Britten Norman Islander, s/n 2004, SX-DKB from KAL AVIATION. Leased back and operated under KAL’s AOC, it was used for Island hopping, carrying tourists and connecting the Aegean Islands of Mykonos, Syros, Paros, Naxos, Santorini and Skiathos, with the Athens Hellinikon Airport.

KAL Aviation in 1998 acquired initially two Metroliners and concentrated in Cargo flights, doing day and night package and newspaper runs.

The Islander was engaged in that operation, doing daily runs from Athens to Syros, Mykonos and back, combining charter passenger flights as well. The operation was run very efficiently and the two partners were are to pay back their loans for the Islander within two years.

In 1999, as more capacity was needed, a three engine Britten Norman Trislander was purchased from Harrare, Zimbabwe. This time a bank loan was secured and the stiff $220.000 dollars bill was arranged to be paid within five years. 

Internal ferry tanks were fitted to give the airplane a 12 hour range and after 32 hours over four days the airplane was flown by Michael to Athens, via Entebbe (Uganda), Chartoum (Sudan) and Luxor (Egypt), overflying some very hostile war zone areas at low altitude. 

Islander and Trislander would be used for cargo or passengers as needed and bills were paid on time.

Michael would at the time fly B737 for Olympic and supervise training and Islander – Trislander operations. Then the helicopter bug bit him!

Michael was interested in helicopters from childhood. He flew the, then, newly produced Robinson R22 A as early as 1980 in Dallas, Texas, the first Greek to ever do so.  He monitored its development and progress over the years till it finally became a safe and reliable aircraft in the 90s.  The R44 was developed in 1990 and George Legakis, of Avionic fame, ordered an early version, with no hydraulics and fixed floats on. Michael examined the helicopter but soon realized its shortcomings in speed and range.  As the new Robinson R44 Helicopter by 1999 was equipped with Hydraulic controls and pop out floats, Michael realized it could become a versatile low cost charter helicopter. 

He approached George Legakis, Robinson R22 Dealer at the time and an ex-military pilot who was at the time operating an R22 and proposed a joint venture, to import an advanced R 44 in Greece. R44 Dealership was established and first Helicopter arrived in April of 2000 and was Registered as SX-HTN.  Its operation proved very profitable.  The R44 proved an immediate success and revolutionized the helicopter industry in Greece.  However, the partnership was a victim of its own success, as partners realized they could run the business on their own, if they could just afford the money making R44 helicopter on their own. So, all initial partners sold their shares at a profit and continued their own separate ways. 

InterIsland Airways is since 1999 an R22, R44 Dealer and Service Center, eventually selling  over 20 new helicopters in Greece and abroad.  It recently became the first R66 Dealer, introducing the first R66 Mariner Turbine helicopter in Greece.

In late 2000, Michael received word that the second Trislander was in danger in Harrare, due to Civil war and riots and was offered it at a good price. Michael acquired it using all his savings and another loan, mainly to save it and Trislander s/n 1055, Z-UTD, was flown to the Hellinikon Aiport in May 29 of 2001. It was eventually sold to Unity Airlines of Vanuatu and ferried there after an epic 82 hours ferry flight. 

9-11 changed Aviation for ever. All Aviation Companies were badly influenced. In Athens, things would get even worse. Old Hellinikon LGAT Airport would close and the new Athens Airport LGAV, would open. Unexpectedly, fees and prices were raised overnight in some cases by 1000%, making  the use of light airplanes such as the Islander and Trislander unsustainable.

This was a turning point for InterIsland Airways as well. Initial partners were forced to split, as the business environment had changed completely and airplanes could not pay their bills. Michael ended up buying the complete Company and all its assets, now having to pay all Bank loans for the airplanes on his own. Ex partner departed profitably to pursue other interests.

Thanks to OLYMPIC and Michael’s perseverance, all financial obligations were timely paid off. In the next years, InterIsland concentrated in the Helicopters business, offering quality training, maintenance and after sales support to the new Robinson helicopter pilots and owners. It acquired several mission specific airplanes and several Robinson helicopters, making its fleet the most modern training oriented fleet in Greece.

InterIsland Airways eventually received CAA approvals for Flight Training, Aerial Works, CAMO and Subpart “F” maintenance organization. Through partnerships with Jetstream Aviation Academy and Jetways Aviation, it established  a 145 Service Center, obtained an Air Operator Certificate and EASA Training Authorizations in just about everything.

It is still run with the same low cost, maximum efficiency, excellent quality of service philosophy. It enjoys an impeccable Safety Record of zero accidents, zero incidents, which we are proud of.

Offers by potential Investors to expand the Company are always denied. Investors’ desires and decisions tend to be based on bottom lines. InterIsland’s management decisions are passion driven, based on moral standards and the satisfaction of accomplishment. 

Despite the economic crisis in Greece, InterIsland Airways continuous to expand, remains financially healthy and profitable and is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

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